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Beware the Ides of March

Guys, let's take a break from PHOTO WEEK for a moment while I talk to you about something. Today I come to tell you about a sort of holiday hoots and I have come up with and wish to observe. You are all invited to as well. In fact, you are encouraged to.

Here now, the origins of what is soon to be a celebrated day of self loathing:

Way back when I wrote my LJ opus of a 2004 review, I said this in regards to the holiday season:

Can we take one of these things out and throw it in the middle of the year somewhere, I don't know, say...MAY? Seriously, there are way too many holidays strung together at once. I'm a fucking vegan and I gained five pounds just by smelling turkey and pumpkin pie. I think it leads to strange living as well, like I said we aren't living in December we are drunk, on nog and spirit. Spirit that is a false hope and the dreams of a shitty year wrongly remembered as amazing.

That said, hoots, being brilliant, said, "Personally I think the Ides of March should be a holiday of sorts because it just sounds really damn cool. The Ides of March (March 15) is when Julius Caesar was assassinated, hence the saying, 'beware the Ides of March...!' We need to pick a month where there isn't a real holiday. Not a Hallmark-created one like Father's Day or a government-designated one like President's Day. Hmmm. I think June or August might work."
To which I replied: "Yes, we need to have a holiday, that is an anti-holiday in a month that doesn't really have one. A "holiday" where we all just do not leave our houses, do not see, or interact with anyone for 24 hours, do not seek entertainment in any form and think about what we've done."

After agreeing that it would be like Yom Kippur, only no temple involved, we decided, "it would be a holiday from the self-involved bullshit that our lives consist of. No TV, no computer, no Internet. We'd have to think about all the crap we've done... EVER. And think long and hard about the consequences and worry about retribution coming for us."

And at this moment it was decided on March 15th, we would avenge Julius Caesar.

Et tu Brute!

So, basically, it is this, a personal holiday away from holidays. An anti-holiday. I hope to use the day to do things I've been meaning to do but haven't because I have been busy just not doing them. You are all welcome to join in, as I said. You don't even have to go to the extreme I am, just use some time for thinking on the 15th. Make it a day of reflection. Sometimes we get away from it too much, which is exactly what our normal holidays do. They are days that kind of pull you away from yourself.

I think it will be good, if not, we'll have Brutus stab the idea in the back for next year.

P.S., Don't worry, not that you are, Photo Week will continue tomorrow without me thanks to the help of Ides of March follower, rote.

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